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Your lips are very vulnerable to the sun, they need the same protection as any other part of your skin.

This amazing SPF +30 protection for your lips is also nurturing and can match your skin tone. 

Comes in a compostable Eco-tube.

Colour guide:
NUDE – an earthy, neutral sheen.
ROSE – soft and subtle pink, a classic tone.
CORAL – light and bright, but ultimately quite subtle.
*Refer to the photos for colour guide*



Ecocert Zinc Oxide, Beeswax, Coconut Oil*, Avocado Oil, Cacao Butter*, Mango Butter*, Vitamin E, Jojoba Esters, Iron Oxides *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

The Creator

Winki Zinc was inspired by the ocean, by every wave. Their amazing dream of a healthier ocean and a toxin-free life for people allowed them to create the perfect tinted sunscreen. Made in Victoria.

A quote from the creator of this amazing brand:

‘We are ocean lovers and adventurers, optimists, and dreamers. We believe in walking lightly on this wonderful world of ours.

Committed to our oceans, Winki Zinc has created a wide range of sunscreen that comes in a tin and cardboard tube, reef safe, awesome, and full of great energy, it makes you want to go to the beach every day!
The cardboard is made from recycled material and cellulose paper, which makes them fully compostable.

Protecting coral reefs by using toxin-free sunscreen is one of our greatest goals.

A word from the creator: 

“Free from oxybenzone, fragrances & preservatives – this balm is nothing but good for you. It’s good for the planet too, with biodegradable packaging and a pure cold-pressed, unprocessed base of oils and butter. Lip & Cheek is lightly tinted and the colours appear subtle when applied, giving you a nice little glow” Winki Zinc

What to do with the packaging?

Welcome! in this section we will guide you as to how you can return all the packaging to the loop, meaning it will not become “waste”.

Cardboard Tube:

If you are located in Launceston, please find the nearest drop off point and return the tube to us OR:

Place it in your compost if you have one and watch it decompose!

If you don’t have a home compost don’t worry we’ve got you covered, here are your options:

  1. If in Launceston return to us in one of our drop-off points.
  2. If outside of Launceston place it in your green lid bin ( the bin where the garden waste goes).
  3. If by any chance you don’t have ANY of the above, here is an idea: wash the bag, save it:
    1. Ask a friend if they have the green lid bin.
    2. Ask a friend who has a home compost.
    3. Wait until you have more than 5 items and return them to us, please send us an email or contact us through our chat or via Instagram.


Cardboard box:

Please find the nearest drop-off points and return the box to us, we will give it a second life.


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