Hair Brush – Large


Made with a natural rubber cushion and bamboo anti-static pins

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We quote the creator:

Key features:

  • Solid Rubber Wood – no splitting or cracking, this brush is made to last
  • Anti-static – bamboo pins for less frizz when brushing
  • Natural Rubber – plastic free cushioning
  • Plastic Free – ensuring no micro-plastics will make their way down your drains to the ocean
  • Biodegradable – compost to breakdown naturally

Care of brush:

It is important to wash your hair brush regularly to keep both the brush and your hair in great condition. Regularly remove any tangled hairs and when you see residue start to accumulate on the brush pins it is time to give your brush a bath.

Mix a mild shampoo with warm water in the sink and using an old toothbrush gently scrub the pins and the rubber cushion clean. Dry your brush on a towel with the pins facing down. Do not submerge your brush in water.



Length: 22cm (Brush Head Length: 11cm)
Width: 6.5cm
Depth: 4cm


Rubber Wood
Bamboo Pins
Natural Rubber Cushion

The Creator

Kim Good, the amazing woman behind this brand saw the amazing opportunity of a relationship between a developed country and Sri Lankan artisans.

We quote: ”

Her women artisans receive training and are paid above award wages for their work. As a result, many can now afford to keep their children in school, helping lift entire generations out of poverty.

“The best part has definitely been working and learning from the women. I love being with them when I am in Sri Lanka,” Kim says.”

NO chemicals are involved in the creating of these amazing brushes, not tested in animals and plastic-free.

We are aware of the carbon footprint of shipping from Sri Lanka to Australia but the fact that these brushes will last you for SO long and that they are made by a community that can benefit from this makes the balance even for us.

End of Life

Option 1  Home Compost the brush just throw everything in !

Option 2  place it in the Green Lid Bin (FOGO).

OR you can return it to us if you are local and we will do all the hard work for you 😀


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