Greeting Card


Plantable card, when you plant this card watch Native Swan River Daisies grow.

Blank inside.

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Plantable card

Plant this card, watch Native Swan River Daisies grow.

This is an amazing alternative to glossy paper cards (which cannot be composted).

Comes in an envelope made from 100% recycled paper which is also compostable.

*Please remember that these cards are handmade and the growth of your daisies will depend on other factors like soil, and conditions in which you plant it*

The Creator

An amazing brand that was born from both the desire to make a difference and the amazing talent that Leah the creator has. This beautiful woman is not only on a journey to stop the greeting cards from ending up in landfills but she is also a beautiful human being who wants to contribute to people’s personal growth.

Just by looking at the design on these amazing cards you can feel the love and care that Leah puts into her work. We are so happy that you are able to give your loved ones a meaningful present, which not only includes flowers and the beauty of looking after them in the whole process, but also the fact that we are not contributing to waste makes it the most amazing present.

What to do with the packaging?

This card is home compostable OR

Plant it! just tare in pieces and place in a pot, watch it grow, and enjoy your beautiful Swan River Daisies.

The envelope is compostable.


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