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Perfect for those who want to smell nice every day.

Contains native Australian lemon myrtle oil, lemongrass, and sweet orange essential oils that give a subtle but perfect smell that will come back home with you every day.

The perfect natural alternative for your deodorant. With My Shay you will be nourishing your armpits and preventing bad smell.

Suitable to use on your feet as well for those who have long and hard days.

This deodorant has won Gold Medal and the People’s Choice Medal in the 2019 Australian Non-Toxic Awards.

How to use:
Using two clean fingers or a wooden applicator provided, rub a pea-sized amount of deodorant into each armpit. It will melt into your skin, leaving an invisible layer of protection.





Tapioca Starch*,Coconut Oil*,Shea Butter*,Magnesium Hydroxide, Cacao Butter*, Kaolin Clay,Diatomaceous Earth, Candelilla Waz, Olive Oil, Essential oils of: Lavender, Lemon Myrtle, Sweet Orange, Red Mandarin, Peppermint and Cedarwood.

The Creator

My Shay was created in 2018 by a wonderful woman named Tara. She stands for ethically sourced ingredients and sustainability.

Having created an amazing refill system with home compostable bags, My Shay was able to give a for ever life to both the deodorant tins and the toothpaste jars.

This amazing brand has a great view of the world, it understands the importance of sustainability and fair trade as well as the importance of fighting for one’s values.

Most amazingly Tara the creator of this brand has a kind soul with the best energy and motivation towards her work. She is a warrior for our planet. Made in Tasmania.

In Tara’s words:
“We believe success comes from top quality products, efficiency, flexibility, mutual respect, and commitment to continuous improvement”.

The absolute best part about My Shay is how affordable and long-lasting their products are.

A word from the creator:

“This one’s a WINNER! Our lemon myrtle deodorant won the Gold Medal and the People’s Choice Medal in the 2019 Australian Non-Toxic Awards.

It has a citrus scent that’s both soothing and revitalizing. We perfume it with native Australian lemon myrtle oil, lemongrass, and sweet orange essential oils. This palm-sized screw-top 65g tin will keep you fresh for 10 -12 weeks. 

Super effective
100% vegan and cruelty-free
Made with all-natural and organic ingredients
Subtle unisex fragrance
No aluminum salts, alcohol, propellants, or toxins
No parabens, triclosan or artificial perfumes
Won’t clog your pores
Safe for your clothes & gentle enough to use after shaving
Perfect size for traveling
Gentle on you and gentle on the planet”
Tara from My Shay

What to do with the packaging?

Welcome! in this section we will guide you as to how you can return all the packaging to the loop, meaning it will not become “waste”.

The bag:

The bag is certified home compostable so place it in your compost if you have one and watch it decompose!

If you don’t have a home compost don’t worry we’ve got you covered, here are your options:

  1. If in Launceston return to us in one of our drop-off points.
  2. If outside of Launceston place it in your green lid bin ( the bin where the garden waste goes).
  3. If by any chance you don’t have ANY of the above, here is an idea: wash the bag, save it:
    1. Ask a friend if they have the green lid bin.
    2. Ask a friend who has a home compost.
    3. Wait until you have more than 5 bags and return them to us, please send us an email or contact us through our chat or via Instagram.


Cardboard box:

Please find the nearest drop-off points and return the box to us, we will give it a second life.


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