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My Shay

My Shay was created in 2018 by a wonderful woman named Tara. She stands for ethically sourced ingredients and sustainability.

Having created an amazing refill system with home compostable bags, My Shay was able to give a for ever life to both the deodorant tins and the toothpaste jars.

This amazing brand has a great view of the world, it understands the importance of sustainability and fair trade as well as the importance of fighting for one’s values.

Most amazingly Tara the creator of this brand, has a kind soul with the best energy and motivation towards her work. She is a warrior for our planet. Made in Tasmania.

In Tara’s words:
“We believe success comes from top quality products, efficiency, flexibility, mutual respect, and commitment to continuous improvement”.

The absolute best part about My Shay is how affordable and long lasting their products are.

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