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If we could use only one word to desribe this brand we will certainly use transparent. Jennifer the creator will answer any questions you might have about this toothbrush.

Absolute knowledge and traceability of the bamboo that is used to produced this toothbrush.

The bristles are approved to be recycled by Terracycle®.

In Earth Coterie we also promote brands that empower other communities outside Australia, and this is exactly what boobrush does, the bamboo farm where the bamboo comes from is not an industrial one, it is a family own business, Jennifer has visited herself several times.

All the toothbrushes are finished in Adelaide.

We quote Boobrush:

“Careful journey from the bamboo orchards till it reaches you is as such:

1. Harvesting
2. Cut into strips and outer skin removed
3. Cleaning and sterilizing via boiling and then carbonization (under heat and pressure)
4. Drying
5. Cut into correct lenghts for toothbrushes
6. Crafted by hand in 3 dimensions into our distinct designs
7. Finished by hand to create our unusual fine smooth finish
8.A light cote of edible food grade wax is applied to seal the product surface
9. The highest quality Binchontan (activated charcoal) infused fine tapered BPA-free bristles are insertedinto the handle. We use luxuriously extra soft bristles for the Boobrush® Junior
10. Our signature Boobrush® logo is embedded into the handle via laser for extra precision
11. A stringent quality control process then ensues where each and every toothbrush is inspected for faults, defects or irregularities
12. They are then packed into our 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft boxes, which are printed with soy based ink

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