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How we roll

In Earth Coterie Shop all the products are sustainable, natural, cruelty free and toxin free. Our commitment is to give you alternatives for your skin care, hair care, oral care, your homeware and more.

Our skin care brands offer you the option to refill your products, ending the short life of the jars and containers. 

We offer oral hygiene alternatives that will keep your teeth healthy and the planet healthy..Refill options are available so we tackle the short life of regular packaging. 

Rethink your hair care, switch for shampoo and conditioner in a bar packed in home compostable packaging. Say goodbye to those inconvenient plastic bottles piling up on your shower floor.

Here you can find long lasting alternatives to replace those stinky sponges that will build bacteria and end up in the landfill.

Natural herbal ointments that are made with the purpose to help you deal with rashes, muscular pain, sores and bruises . They are refillable and will last you a while!

All the packaging is intended for a very short life, our mission is to stop this.We use recycled boxes for our packaging, so you will find labels inside of our boxes. The more lives we can give a box the better. Our orders will be packed with the least amount of packaging possible. Nothing will go to waste, everything is repurposed

We will refill the products that can be refilled, you can find refill options for the products that already have it.

We sell Australian made products with as many Australian ingredientes as possible, because we are based in Australia. Importing products from other parts of the world will contribute to the carbon footprint, social footprint and overall environmental footprint. Supporting local business reduces the impact, but in saying that, some of our brands are Australians who support other communities, by fair trade of their products and by empowering small communities.

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