Earth Coterie

Our Roots

Hi, thanks for coming to our shop. It is awesome to meet you, my name is Maria. I am the founder of Earth Coterie.

My journey to find a balance in my life and the things I consume started years ago. It has evolved and I have improved as a human being thanks to this journey. 

My desire to help the planet, animals and people live in a better world has been embedded in me all my life. 

For me Earth Coterie is the start of an amazing dream. A dream of creating a huge community of people who consume ethically. Where waste does not exist. 

I am passionate about new ideas and big projects that seem impossible at first. I love nature, and I am deeply in love with the dream of reducing waste. 

In Earth Coterie will end the short life of packaging and make the personal care industry one that contributes to people’s lives and leaves no trace behind. 

Living sustainably and buying eco friendly products is a continuous journey and in Earth Coterie we will support you all the way. 

Welcome to this amazing community of amazing human beings.

Our Existence

Earth Coterie is in existence to create a community of humans that seek and desire to protect their home. Living in harmony with the rest of the creatures that share it (earth-mates) .

Earth Coterie is a community that supports business and people that allow you to fulfil your needs and pamper yourself while you leave only  positive traces on our planet, on you and on others.

We believe that saving the planet does not only mean to lower the carbon emissions, or become a vegetarian and wear the same clothes every day. We  believe saving the planet, us and the rest of our earth-mates requires a whole new vision of everything we do. From the smallest actions to the biggest one.

Is each of us and our actions as consumers that determine the fate of the planet. Earth Coterie exists FOR the planet and all the creatures in it.

We exist to walk the path of sustainability together with everyone that joins. In this path the only requisite is to love yourself, love nature and respect other creatures

Our ethos

We  intend to solve needs without encouraging unnecessary consumerism while we can still look after ourselves and our home and feel great about it. . 

For us circular economy is the model of the present and the future, where ingredients and materials are responsibly sourced. The action of throwing away does not exist, but rather everything returns to the production cycle or goes to be used in another one. We aim to be part of an industrial symbiosis in which the community benefits now and in the future. 

In Earth Coterie competition does not exist, but rather a cooperation to achieve the same goal, which is to live a life in harmony with our surroundings and earth mates. 

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